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Beautiful decorative stone floral wreath with flowers and leaves.
Original genuine lederhosen for a child with flap at the front that can be opened and beautiful stitching at the pockets in the shape of oak leaves and an original handkerchief.
Two very nice white candlesticks with a beautiful decorative edge at the top and bottom, made of stone/earthenware.
Large industrial design clock with a diameter of 60 cm, large clear black numbers and inscription '49 Bond street London'.
Horseshoe with square nails mounted on a wooden board in the shape of a shield, the edges of which are decorated with oval indentations and square nails adorn the corners of the board.
Beautiful rural metal wine rack for 30 bottles with beautiful cast iron arrowheads and ball feet.
Beautifully carved wooden decorative small table with three legs, the top and legs are beautifully carved with flowers and leaf motifs and the center of the top is inlaid with pieces of ivory and probably comes from Indonesia.
Beautiful brocante silver-coloured French garden vase or jardinière of heavy quality with beautiful decoration on the edge and at the foot and made of clayfibre.
Ornate white compositors case or typesetters case in heart shape made from wood.
Very rare large metal stock tin from the Royal Dutch Steam Coffee Roasteries of IJsenldijk.
The vases are made of glass and come in beautiful pastel colours.
Very nice wall shelves, in the shape of a boat in blue and Italian terracotta with three levels to put on nice things.
Beautiful design tray of teak made by Impala.
Beautiful Byzantine cross with warrior with scimitar and two double-headed eagles with episcopal crown.
Old wrought iron firewood basket.
Beautiful Heineken Magnum bottle with a capacity of 3 liters in a special millennium edition from the year 2000 and a special Martini Vino Vermouth Bianco bottle with a capacity of 4.7 liters from the 1950s (1950s).
Beautiful silver-plated metal tray with a gold-coloured ornament on both sides that is decorated with tendrils of bunches of grapes and leaves, the edges of which are partly open and also richly decorated with bunches of grapes and leaf motifs.
Two very nice images or art prints of still lifes by Butzon & Bercker entitled 'Stilleben m. Fruchten' and 'Stilleben m. Paprika'. One shows a table with cloth and on it a bottle of wine, a pitcher, a glass and a fruit bowl with different fruits including grapes, bananas, pineapple, apples, pears and nuts and the other shows a wooden table with two partly filled bottles, a candlestick with a burning candle, a pitcher, a jar, a filled glass and a mortar with pestle. In addition, peppers, onions on a cloth, and a loaf of bread in the niche that lies on a beautifully embroidered cloth.
Very nice and graceful leather bellows with beautiful silver-coloured metal coat of arms and old nails.
Beautiful rectangular mirror with a white baroque-like frame, richly decorated with ornaments of flower and plant motifs.
Very nice set of two stone vases and a candlestick in red and silver by Richmond Interiors.
Six beautifully painted porcelain bowls with Chinese images.
Very nice glass cloche with black wooden round base with inlaid mosaic with pieces of colored glass in different shades of blue, green and yellow.
Three dimensional image of a miner in a mine chopping coal with a pickaxe with a minecart and mining lamp.
Beautiful oval mirror with lace edge and pink bow.
These two beautiful sexy stools have a tiger print in combination with chrome legs of beautiful corrugated metal chromed tubes.
Beautiful green glass design vase stylized with wave shapes of blown glass.
Four very beautiful ornate coat racks or towel hooks for e.g. a towel and tea towel in the kitchen, bathroom or hallway in the shape of a heart decorated with roses and leaves.
Beautiful silver-plated bonbon dish with handle and glass interior, the edges of which are beautifully detailed with flower and leaf motifs and the glass interior has a ground decoration of star-shaped sun rays.
Particularly beautifully made wine rack in a golden color that stands on very beautifully shaped legs with graceful wrought ironwork on the top.
Very beautiful black metal side table, the side of which is richly decorated with curls and leaf motifs and the legs are gracefully curved with curls at the bottom.
Amazing wrought iron wall console table with glass top.
Eight beautiful paintings by former players and coach of Ajax, including Aron Winter, Johan Cruijf, Richard Witschge, Mido, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Michael Reiziger, Andy van der Meijde and Wesley Sneijder.
Two beautiful table lamps with an embroidered crown motif on the white caps.
Very original pieces of tree trunk with bark that have been transformed into wooden tealight holders and coasters for glasses, mugs and cups.
oak bobbin table with with octagonal table top decorated with a band of floral motifs.
Beautiful 73-piece old handmade German Fürst cutlery in Lord Nelson version with rosewood handles on the bronze cutlery and rivets.
Two whitewash white wooden coat racks, made from tree branches, each with three hooks for e.g. a towel and tea towel in the kitchen, bathroom or hallway.
Very beautiful stained glass with the image of a man at work in an old distillery in beautiful colours.
Ornate white big compositors case or typesetters case in heart shape made from wood.
Beautiful painting by Arnie R Fisk Lavender Evening of a basket with lavender and two pots with flower motifs, framed in a beautiful wooden whitewash frame.
Beautiful shiny design chrome toaster from 1966.
Nostalgic old coat rack with three hooks for e.g. in the kitchen, bathroom or hallway.
Beautiful bust of the Greek goddess Artemis, made of gray stone, where the face and hair are finely detailed.
Beautiful silver plated bonbon dish with handle that is very detailed and has eight openwork parts and the edges are also decorated.
Beautiful image of a classic medieval hunting scene with a nobleman by his horse talking to a lady on a beautiful brown horse.
Rare antique prayer book Nouveau Paroissien Romain Tres Complet in French and Latin with leather cover and gold print.
Three very nice gray wall anchors, wall brackets or decorative anchors, made of metal and beautifully decorated with, among other things, leaf motifs.
Graceful iron wine rack with elegant cast iron arrowheads and ball legs.
Polystone wall decoration depicting a girl behind a spinning wheel.
Beautiful vintage Chinese Cloisonne egg, beautifully decorated with flowers and leaf motifs, in sparkling colors in enamel and surrounded by a gold rim.
Very romantic wooden clock decorated with beautiful flowers.
Very detailed poster of a Chinese Pagoda, guarded by dragons, with three boats on the river Li Jiang, designed by Libero Patrignani for Ellimac.
Metal wall decoration depicting a hunter with his dog, tree and rabbit made by Mat Wanders.
Beautiful ornate black metal design reading basket with ball feet.
Nice painting with white and yellow flowers, against a red background, paint on panel.
Special table lamp with translucent golden brown fabric and whorls or wreaths of braided twigs and bird feathers with decorative arrowhead on top.
Beautiful ornate cast iron and wooden bench with lion heads on the railings.
Two beautiful wall candle holders made of wood and silver-colored metal.
Multiple completely wooden serving trays or decorative trays in two sizes.
Beautiful abstract painting in fresh summer colors, paint on canvas, painted by Maria.
Beautiful handmade wooden model of the American sailing ship warship USS Constitution.
Nice wooden billboard with 3D image of a sailing ship with the inscription Abraham Rowe - Ships compass maker.
Gorgeous mahogany table in Empire style.
Beautiful stylized plate with 3D image of butcher shop by W. Sylvan.
Beautiful abstract painting in warm colors with pieces of gold leaf in the red border.
Beautiful garden vase, made of heavy metal, with a beautiful classical Roman/Greek decoration.
Roman on chariot or biga with two horses.
Beautiful French antique faux bamboe coat rack with four hooks.
Wonderful antique French prayer chair or kneeler or Prie Dieu.
Beautiful mirror with cut glass.
Beautiful antique oak knitting chair with three legs-triangle chair-old Dutch chair-corner chair-driestal.
Nice vintage styled Indoor / Outdoor Eastgate clock with thermometer.
Graceful blank oak side table with two levels.
Very nice basket for newspapers and magazines with metal and wicker
Very nice hand painted Portuguese vase - jar - water jug - water pitcher of enamelled porcelain numbered and very nicely decorated.
Beautiful heavy wrought iron fire irons with gold colored handles including a shovel, brush, tong and poker.
Loverly set white glass oil lamps with metal decoration.
Plaque with detail of Michelangelo's famous fresco -The creation of Adam-
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