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Very stylish art called 'Cigar bar' and 'Evening lounge' of a man and a mysterious woman in a bar created by Brent Lynch.
Beautifully designed white rectangular Compositors case with nice ornaments made of wood.
Beautiful Byzantine cross with warrior with scimitar and two double-headed eagles with episcopal crown.
Two beautiful wall candle holders made of wood and silver-colored metal.
Beautiful oak hanging cabinet or display cabinet with glass windows.
Beautiful wooden red tray with marks from the Bordeaux castle.
Multiple completely wooden serving trays or decorative trays in two sizes.
Beautiful abstract painting in fresh summer colors, paint on canvas, painted by Maria.
Two elegant flamingos made of wood and black metal with beautiful details.
Ornate white compositors case or typesetters case in heart shape made from wood.
Beautiful handmade wooden model of the American sailing ship warship USS Constitution.
Two beautifully decorated baroque candlesticks made of polystone.
Beautifully handwoven skirted wicker Trompe l'Oeil draped skirt side table.
Nice wooden billboard with 3D image of a sailing ship with the inscription Abraham Rowe - Ships compass maker.
Beautiful white plaster bust of the famous Greek goddess Athena.
Two ornate white compositors cases or typesetters cases in heart shape made from wood.
Polystone wall decoration depicting two masons bricklaying a wall in relief.
Beautiful old Dutch spice rack with hand-painted porcelain drawers or trays.
Beautiful white wooden decoration screen with gorgeous details.
Beautiful metal oriental lantern with colored and carved glass.
Gorgeous mahogany table in Empire style.
Beautiful three-armed, green and copper patinated, metal candlestick, nicely decorated with leaf motifs.
Superb Italian porcelain lamps with beautiful floral motifs, bronze base and a large elegant tulip-shaped decorative frosted glass shade.
Four beautiful stone busts from the famous composers Johann Sebastian Bach, Johann Strauss, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven.
Stylish table lamps with black and bronze base and white rectangular fabric shades.
Set van haardhout mand, haardstel, openhaard scherm en andirons.
Beautiful stylized plate with 3D image of butcher shop by W. Sylvan.
Beautiful Byzantine cross with warrior with scimitar and two double-headed eagles with episcopal crown.
Beautiful abstract painting in warm colors with pieces of gold leaf in the red border.
Beautiful collection of sailor’s knots in authentic frame with glass.
Antique bobbin chair with rush seat.
Superb table lamp where the base is made of a tree trunk, with a brown fabric shade.
Beautiful Arab dagger or Jambiya.
Beautiful decorative bookstand.
Beautiful garden vase, made of heavy metal, with a beautiful classical Roman/Greek decoration.
Roman on chariot or biga with two horses.
Beautiful French antique faux bamboe coat rack with four hooks.
Beautiful vase from AK Kaiser model Marisa in cobalt blue with golden flowers numbered 32.
Amazing wrought iron wall console table with glass top.
Very detailed silver plated bon bon bowl dish with floral decoration and very nice handles.
Wonderful antique French prayer chair or kneeler or Prie Dieu.
Lovely oak table or mantle clock from furniture factory Oisterwijk (NL).
Antique bobbin corner chair with rush seat.
Old oak dining table with cross legs and pen and hole connection.
Beautiful mirror with cut glass.
Porcelain busts of the composers Joseph Haydn and Franz Liszt.
Beautiful antique oak knitting chair with three legs-triangle chair-old Dutch chair-corner chair-driestal.
Nice vintage styled Indoor / Outdoor Eastgate clock with thermometer.
Stone plaque with Michelangelo's famous fresco 'The creation of Adam'
Gorgeous bronze andirons - chenets.
Wrought iron fireplace screen with arrow heads en bent legs.
Beautiful white long shaped mirror
Graceful blank oak side table with two levels.
Very nice basket for newspapers and magazines with metal and wicker
Beautiful little hanging console table with metal top.
Very nice hand painted Portuguese vase - jar - water jug - water pitcher of enamelled porcelain numbered and very nicely decorated.
Graceful iron wine rack with elegant cast iron arrowheads and ball legs.
Nice porcelain body's of a male and a female.
Polystone wall decoration representing a farmer working the field with a plow and two horses.
Beautiful heavy wrought iron fire irons with gold colored handles including a shovel, brush, tong and poker.
Beautiful towel ring.
Very nice cast iron bust of medieval knight.
Loverly set white glass oil lamps with metal decoration.
Old wrought iron firewood basket.
Nice wicker storage box.
Little ornate cast iron and wood rocking benches.
Plaque with detail of Michelangelo's famous fresco -The creation of Adam-
Blank pine mirror with cut glass.
oak bobbin table with with octagonal table top decorated with a band of floral motifs.
Gorgeous oval white compositors case or typesetters case with ornament made of wood.
Beautiful set of bobbin chair bobbin corner chair and bobbin table.
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