Antiques and curiosities
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Beautiful vintage Chinese Cloisonne egg, beautifully decorated with flowers and leaf motifs, in sparkling colors in enamel and surrounded by a gold rim.
Beautiful decorative retro suitcase whose wood is covered with artificial leather and the straps and corner pieces are fixed with convex nails.
Very romantic wooden clock decorated with beautiful flowers.
Very detailed poster of a Chinese Pagoda, guarded by dragons, with three boats on the river Li Jiang, designed by Libero Patrignani for Ellimac.
Two very nice mahogany dining room chairs in rococo and chesterfield style, richly baroque, with beautiful carvings in rococo style around the backrests and on the front of the seat.
Metal wall decoration depicting a hunter with his dog, tree and rabbit made by Mat Wanders.
Beautiful ornate black metal design reading basket with ball feet.
Beautiful statue of Mary with child made by Jan Boedts with inscription 'causa nostrae Laetitia'.
Beautiful wooden attaché case with a brown leather interior.
Nice painting with white and yellow flowers, against a red background, paint on panel.
Special table lamp with translucent golden brown fabric and whorls or wreaths of braided twigs and bird feathers with decorative arrowhead on top.
Beautiful wooden lantern with a graceful carved emblem in the metal top.
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