Antiques and curiosities
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Two elegant flamingos made of wood and black metal with beautiful details.
Ornate white compositors case or typesetters case in heart shape made from wood.
Beautiful handmade wooden model of the American sailing ship warship USS Constitution.
Two beautifully decorated baroque candlesticks made of polystone.
Beautifully handwoven skirted wicker Trompe l'Oeil draped skirt side table.
Nice wooden billboard with 3D image of a sailing ship with the inscription Abraham Rowe - Ships compass maker.
Beautiful white plaster bust of the famous Greek goddess Athena.
Beautiful metal oriental lantern with colored and carved glass.
Two ornate white compositors cases or typesetters cases in heart shape made from wood.
Polystone wall decoration depicting two masons bricklaying a wall in relief.
Beautiful old Dutch spice rack with hand-painted porcelain drawers or trays.
Beautiful white wooden decoration screen with gorgeous details.
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