Antiques and curiosities
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Beautiful wooden attaché case with a brown leather interior.
Nice painting with white and yellow flowers, against a red background, paint on panel.
Special table lamp with translucent golden brown fabric and whorls or wreaths of braided twigs and bird feathers with decorative arrowhead on top.
Beautiful wooden lantern with a graceful carved emblem in the metal top.
Very detailed double-sided metal Catholic pendant or crucifix in large format.
Beautiful ornate cast iron and wooden bench with lion heads on the railings.
Very stylish art called 'Cigar bar' and 'Evening lounge' of a man and a mysterious woman in a bar created by Brent Lynch.
Beautifully designed white rectangular Compositors case with nice ornaments made of wood.
Beautiful Byzantine cross with warrior with scimitar and two double-headed eagles with episcopal crown.
Two beautiful wall candle holders made of wood and silver-colored metal.
Beautiful oak hanging cabinet or display cabinet with glass windows.
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