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Two beautiful large lanterns from Riverdale that are made of gray wood and have beautiful metal decorations on each side that are on the outside of the glass and the top of which is beautifully formed with flower and branch motifs and which has a large ring with which the lanterns can be easily carried.
Original genuine lederhosen for a child with flap at the front that can be opened and beautiful stitching at the pockets in the shape of oak leaves and an original handkerchief.
Two very nice white candlesticks with a beautiful decorative edge at the top and bottom, made of stone/earthenware.
Horseshoe with square nails mounted on a wooden board in the shape of a shield, the edges of which are decorated with oval indentations and square nails adorn the corners of the board.
Beautiful brocante silver-coloured French garden vase or jardinière of heavy quality with beautiful decoration on the edge and at the foot and made of clayfibre.
The vases are made of glass and come in beautiful pastel colours.
Beautifully carved wooden decorative small table with three legs, the top and legs are beautifully carved with flowers and leaf motifs and the center of the top is inlaid with pieces of ivory and probably comes from Indonesia.
Beautiful design tray of teak made by Impala.
Beautiful Heineken Magnum bottle with a capacity of 3 liters in a special millennium edition from the year 2000 and a special Martini Vino Vermouth Bianco bottle with a capacity of 4.7 liters from the 1950s (1950s).
Beautiful silver-plated metal tray with a gold-coloured ornament on both sides that is decorated with tendrils of bunches of grapes and leaves, the edges of which are partly open and also richly decorated with bunches of grapes and leaf motifs.
Two very nice images or art prints of still lifes by Butzon & Bercker entitled 'Stilleben m. Fruchten' and 'Stilleben m. Paprika'. One shows a table with cloth and on it a bottle of wine, a pitcher, a glass and a fruit bowl with different fruits including grapes, bananas, pineapple, apples, pears and nuts and the other shows a wooden table with two partly filled bottles, a candlestick with a burning candle, a pitcher, a jar, a filled glass and a mortar with pestle. In addition, peppers, onions on a cloth, and a loaf of bread in the niche that lies on a beautifully embroidered cloth.
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