Antiques and curiosities
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Beautiful abstract painting in fresh summer colors, paint on canvas, painted by Maria.
Ornate white compositors case or typesetters case in heart shape made from wood.
Nice wooden billboard with 3D image of a sailing ship with the inscription Abraham Rowe - Ships compass maker.
Two ornate white compositors cases or typesetters cases in heart shape made from wood.
Polystone wall decoration depicting two masons bricklaying a wall in relief.
Beautiful stylized plate with 3D image of butcher shop by W. Sylvan.
Two beautiful Byzantine crosses with warrior with scimitar and two double-headed eagles with episcopal crown.
Beautiful little hanging console table with metal top.
Beautiful abstract painting in warm colors with pieces of gold leaf in the red border.
Plaque with detail of Michelangelo's famous fresco -The creation of Adam-
Polystone wall decoration representing a farmer working the field with a plow and two horses.
Stone plaque with Michelangelo's famous fresco 'The creation of Adam'
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