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Image of a classic medieval hunting scene

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Image of a classic medieval hunting scene.

In the foreground stands a wealthy nobleman with his horse, talking to a lady on a beautiful brown horse.
On the left, noblemen as spectators sit in a carriage with white horses.
On the front left two workers are looking at the group.
In the background you see the rest of the hunting group with riders and a pack of hunting dogs.

In the late Middle Ages (1300 - 1500) hunting was mainly a noble pastime, a social event for the aristocracy and is also considered an important preparation for war.
Hunting developed as an art, with rules and etiquette, with horses and dogs and with grandeur and ostentation.
Fortunately, all this is preserved for us, thanks to beautiful images!

The image is pasted on canvas stretched over a wooden frame.

The dimensions are: Width 18 cm, height 13 cm and depth 2 cm.
The weight is 120 grams.

Late 20th, early 21st century.

This is a beautiful gem that provides style to your interior!

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