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Byzantine cross - Hanging wall candlestick

Ref: 11854

19,- Euro

Beautiful Byzantine cross, to hang on the wall or in front of the window.
The Byzantine cross offers the possibility to burn two candles.

These types of candlesticks have their origins in the former Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire).
They hung in Orthodox churches and in Russian houses.

These wall candlesticks are sometimes considered to be the precursor of the candle stands.

At the top is a man/warrior with a scimitar in one hand and a head or shield in the other.
There are two pendants: the two-headed eagle, each with an episcopal crown.
A reliquary holder is placed in the center of the cross.

The cross is beautifully decorated and historically interesting, because much is still unclear.

Made from bronze/brass.

Decorative, complete, functional and in good condition.

Height: 70 cm, width 32 cm.
Weight: 800 gram.

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