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Poster Chinese pagoda

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This poster shows a Chinese Pagoda (temple). The pagoda is guarded by dragons, two of which at the entrance and one on the roof.
A pagoda is a building that has the shape of a tower that consists of several, getting smaller floors exists. Each floor has its own roof.
The Chinese pagodas are spread all over China in countless variations.
Pagodas are used in many ways, from reliquary to burial monument or as decoration in a garden.

In the background, men are standing on three boats on the Li Jiang River, holding a long stick used to push the boats.

The pagoda is richly decorated with beautiful images.
The images and figures have beautiful warm colors and are very detailed.

The Chinese characters at the bottom mean 'river Li Jiang'.
Li jiang is an ancient city and city prefecture in the northwest of southwestern Yunnan province, China. Because of its system of waterways and bridges, Lijiang is called the "Venice of the East". It has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1997.

The poster is made of canvas over a wooden frame.
It was designed by Libero Patrignani for Ellimac and numbered 484.
Libero Patrignani is an Italian artist/illustrator, born in 1944 in Pesaro, who studied at the Italian State Institute of Art and the School of Illustration, where he won a teaching position.
He has taught at higher institutes in Rimini and Pesaro in 'Design and art history' and has won many painting and ceramic competitions.
He now works as an illustrator for publishers, advertising agencies and is a designer of furniture accessories, of which this poster is a wonderful example.

The poster is in excellent condition.

The poster is ​​80 cm high, has a width of 40 cm, a depth of 1,5 cm.
Weight 600 grams.

End 20th century.

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