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Christ Europe medallion - Crucifix

Ref: 12205

15,- Euro

Beautiful and very detailed Catholic pendant or crucifix in large format.
The metal medallion is decorated on both sides in beautiful relief and has a certain weight to it.
The round bottom is slightly convex.

The inscriptions are in Dutch.

Description of one side:

On the cross it says "RIGHTEOUSNESS" on the left, "LOVE" on the right and "TRUTH" vertically.

In the round part at the bottom there is a vertical and horizontal text 'CHRIST' and 'EUROPE' In the middle of these texts are two intersected rings with the letters 'v' and 'r' next to it.

In the round part at the bottom it says in the border:
'Pray for us - St. Benedict - St. Catherine - St. Joseph - St. Cyril - St. Methodius - St. Mary'

In the quarters below are four images:
Above left: Evangelist Markus depicted as a winged lion with the Letters 'Mc'.
Above right: Evangelist Johannes depicted as an eagle with the wings spread with the letters 'Joh'.
Bottom left: Evangelist Lukas depicted as a winged bovine and the letters 'Lc'.
Bottom right: Evangelist Matteus depicted as a winged human (or angel) with the letters 'Mt'.

Description of the other side:

An image of Jesus with a crown on the cross with the text 'Inri' above it.

At the left end of the cross is the sign A (Alpha) and at the right end is the sign Ω (Omega).
The Greek letters A and Ω refer to the Bible text where Jesus says about himself: "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last" (Revelation 22:13).

In the round part at the bottom is a map of Europe with the letter 'M' in the middle.

In the border are 12 stars, for the twelve apostles.

The medallion is made of metal.

In good condition.

The crucifix is 6.5 cm high, has a width of 3 cm, a depth of 3 mm.
Weight approx. 20 grams.

20th century.

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