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Beautiful Arab dagger or Jambiya

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Beautifully characteristic Arabic bent knife or dagger also called Jambiya, Yambia, Jambiyas, Khoumija, Koumaya, Koummya or Koummyas.

This is an original traditional Arab dagger, beautifully carved and detailed with different images on the front and back.

The Jambiya (Yambia) is a dagger that was worn by the male population of Persia.
It has a slightly curved blade and is, clearly visible, worn on a belt on the hip.
The traditional dagger was given to the son by a father during initiation rites, where the young man becomes a man.
This virile attribute is actually a masculine decoration.
The degree of carving and decoration determines the family status.

This Jambiya has a wooden handle with a curved blade and the scabbard is decorated on both sides and has two eyelets.
It has a curved, fixed blade that is attached to a damascene pattern handle with a fan-shaped pommel.
The blade has not been re-polished and therefore still shows the original light rust and age traces.
This Jambiya has metal that is beautifully decorated on both sides with floral and scroll motifs.

The Arab or Persian dagger probably dates from the end of the 19th or early 20th century.

Country of origin: Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Berber, Persia, Middle East.

Length: 42 cm, weight 250 gram.

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