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Chinese Cloisonne enamel egg

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27,- Euro

Beautiful vintage Chinese Cloisonne egg.
The egg is beautifully decorated with flowers and leaf motifs, in sparkling colors in enamel and surrounded by a gold border.
The enamel decorations are thickened on top of the gold-colored bottom layer.
The colors are bright and colorful and contrast beautifully with the gilded copper background.

This egg is handmade by artists in China.

It rests on a small wooden base.

Cloisonné is a traditional enamel technique.
The name comes from the French word cloison which means 'partition wall'.
Cloisonné is a technique of enamelling, in which one fixes flattened wire in certain motifs or figures on a metal surface. The spaces between the pieces of wire are filled with different colors of enamel powder. The egg is then heated to 750-800°C so that a pattern of colored glass emerges.
The flattened wire prevents the colors from flowing into each other during heating. Any color is thus locked up in its own cell.
Finally the object is polished until there is no more wire protruding above the enamel.

In very good condition.

The egg is 7 cm high (including base) and has a width of 4 cm.
Weight 40 gram.

1970 - 1980.

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