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Prayer Book Nouveau Paroissien Romain Tres Complet

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Nouveau Paroissien Romain Tres Complet.

Rare antique prayer book in French and Latin.

It is bound in a rich leather cover with gold print on the spine.

The book contains more than 1000 pages.

A sticker on the inside of the cover shows the publisher: D.Cormaux.Liége

The name and age of the previous owner is written on the first page in French: Christianne Deuilde
5 année (5 years old)
le 14-6-1963

What is special is that the booklet contains beautiful inlaid cards, some of which have a date.

The beginning of the book contains an overview of the most important Catholic holidays from 1901 to 1924.

The book was approved in 1898 by S.G. MONSEIGNEUR RENOU, Archbishop of Tours.
On the page to the left of the title page is a text by Rene-Francois Renou, in which he says he has carefully studied the booklet, approves and recommends the booklet for believers. Rene-Francois Renou was a French cleric, Bishop of Amiens from 1893 to 1896 and then Archbishop of Tours from 1896 to 1913. He died on March 1, 1920.

The title page contains the following texts:

Nouveau Paroissien Romain Tres Complet

contenant en francais et en latin

et des principales fêtes de l'annee
qui peuvent se celebrer le dimanche

APPROUVÉ PAR S.G. MONSEIGNEUR RENOU (approved by S.G. Monseigneur Renou)
archevêque de tours (Archbishop of Tours)

Below it is the coat of arms (AM) and the name of the authors:
editors pontificaux (pontifical editors)

Dimensions: Height 15.5 cm, width 10 cm, thickness 4.5 cm.
Weight: 600 gram

In good condition.

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