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Old bronze andirons - chenets

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These gorgeous andirons or chenets are made of bronze with a wrought iron backstand.

They are beautifully decorated with acanthus and laurel leaves and a nice Greek/Roman decoration band.
As a result of the nice patina and the elegant design, they look wonderful.

The andirons belong in the fireplace to place the logs on.
By raising the firelogs, the air surrounds the fire from all sides, making it burn better. It also prevents the firebrands from rolling away.

Nowadays they are also used as decorative elements in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

We offer a special price if these andirons are bought in combination with the fire irons, the fireplace screen and the firewood basket.
See Firewood basket, fire irons, fireplace screen and andirons.

Completely original.

Width 20 cm, height 30 cm and the depth is 28 cm.
They weigh 3 kg apiece.

Give these beautiful andirons a chance in your home!

Probably arround 1880.

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