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Polystone wall decoration depicting two masons bricklaying a wall

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Polystone wall decoration depicting two masons bricklaying a wall.

It is a beautifully stylized sculpture with very fine details in the faces, hands and ropes.

It is in reliëf, a 3D image.

It is signed in the cement bin of the man on the left with 'eig. L.V.' what stands for 'Lumen Venlo'.

In 1887 Gerard Linssen (G.L.V. Gerard Linssen Venlo) founded the first studio in the Netherlands for the series production of plaster religious statues in Venlo. This studio continued to exist until 1965.
In 1947, Mathieu Wienen, former employee of Gerard Linssen, founded Sculpture Factory Lumen Venlo (L.V.). This company still exists as a wholesaler in mainly religious articles. The director is the grandson of mr. Wienen.

The sculpture is made of polystone, a material that consists of crushed stone (among ather things granite and marble) which is mixed with a liquid synthetic resin. The result is an sculpture that is as hard and strong as stone and feels that way.

The serial number 11063 is nicked in the back of the upper figure and applied by hand to the backside.

The wall hanger was made between 1947 and 1974 and is in very good condition, no damage.

This beautifully cut and detailed piece of art can be used both indoors and outdoors.

This wall art become rare in this condition.

Can stand upright, but also has hooks for mounting.

Width 34 cm, height 36 cm, depth 4 cm.
The weight is 2.5 kilograms.

A real eye-catcher and super decorative!



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