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Two music standards or menu standards with perforated blades

Ref: 12153

12,- Euro a piece

Two sturdy music standards also ideal as a menu standard for restaurants, gas pumps, hospitality venues, hotels, etc.

Photo 2 to 8 is standard 1.
Photo 9 to 18 is standard 2.

The stand of this standard is adjustable in height and the blade is tiltable.
The perforated blade reduces the weight, while the blade is sturdy and stable.
The wide lower edge offers space for several pieces of sheet music or an extensive menu.

The sheet music stands are finished in a non-reflective black color.

This steel desk has sturdy connecting elements (segment clamps) with metal clamp screws, allowing the music stand to be placed in any position.

The stable tripod is held in place by the rubber anti-slip layer on the three legs.

These good quality music standards are made of steel and therefore very robust.

Present your menu inside or outside on this beautiful standard.
Your menu is stylishly presented with this menu board!
Easy to move.

Can be used at restaurants, gas pumps, catering facilities, hotels, etc.

Both for indoor and outdoor use!

In very good condition.

Standard 1:
Height 152 cm.
The board is 34 cm by 48 cm.
Weight: 3.2 kg.

Standard 2:
Brand Innox
Height 145 cm.
The board is 34 cm by 48 cm.
Weight: 2.8 kg.



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