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Plaque with detail of Michelangelo's famous fresco 'The creation of Adam'

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25,- Euro

This plaque shows a detail of Michelangelo's famous fresco 'The creation of Adam' on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel in the Vatican.
Michelangelo painted the frescos in the Sistine chapel between 1508 and 1512.

Michelangelo (1475 - 1564) is one of the most famous artist in the world. He was not just a sculptor, but also painter, architect and poet. Michelangelo is considerd one of the most important artists of the Itallian renaissance.

God's right arm is stretched out to transfer a life spark of his own finger to that of Adam. The fingers do not touch each other. It gives the impression that God, the giver of life, still has to give it to Adam; they are not yet at "the same level".

The plaque, with a witdh of 108 cm and a heigth of 80 cm, is surrounded bij plaster and has a firm mounting bracket.

The condition is very good, there's no damage of any kind.

End 20th Century.

This is a unique and beautiful display peace.

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