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Roman on chariot or biga

Ref: 11711

45,- Euro

Wonderful sculpture of a Roman in a chariot or biga. The chariot is drawn by two horses.

This is a beautifuly carved and detailed piece.

An ancient Roman car or chariot drawn by two horses abreast together with the horses drawing it was called a Biga, from the Latin bigas (a team of two). In the Roman Empire, chariots were not used for warfare, but for chariot racing or for triumphal processions. The main centre of chariot racing was the Circus Maximus in Rome. There were four divisions, or factiones, of charioteers, distinguished by the color of their costumes: the red, blue, green and white teams.

The material is polystone, which is a material that consists of crushed stone (among other things granite, marble, soapstone) which is mixed with a liquid synthetic resin. The result is an sculpture that is as hard and strong as stone and feels that way.

Made in the second half of the 20th century.
In pristine condition, no damage of any kind.

Width 28 cm, heigth 22 cm, depth 9 cm.
The weight is 2,5 kilograms.

A great eye-catcher and super decorative!

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