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Chinese bowls

Ref: 12478

15,- Euro

Six beautifully painted porcelain bowls with Chinese images.

Five have pictures of Chinese trees and one has pictures of three Chinese sages.

The pretty blue color on the white porcelain makes these bowls particularly beautiful.

These thick and sturdy bowls are made in China.
On the bottom are Chinese characters and the text 'Made in China'.

The group of Chinese characters are called Zhongguo Jingdezhen, meaning 'Made in China'.
Zhongguo Jingdezhen is a text in use since about 1980. It stands for good quality and is used for porcelain that is exported from China.

The bowls are in excellent condition and not damaged.

Beautiful in any interior!

Last quarter of the 20th century.

Width 12.5 cm, height 6 cm.
The weight is 220 grams each.

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