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Two paintings Art prints still lifes with fruits and vegetables

Ref: 13229

40,- Euro together

Two very nice images or art prints of still lifes by Butzon & Bercker.

One, called 'Stilleben m. Fruchten' and labeled 'Nr 371 732', shows a table with cloth and on it a bottle of wine, a pitcher, a glass and a fruit bowl with various fruits including grapes, bananas, pineapple, apples, pears and nuts.

The other, called 'Stilleben m. Paprika' and labeled 371 731, shows a wooden table with two bottles of liquor, a candlestick with burning candle, a pitcher, a jar, a filled glass and a mortar and pestle. In addition, peppers, onions on a cloth, and a loaf of bread in the niche that lies on a beautifully embroidered doily visible.
The liquor bottle and glass are beautifully painted.
The blue of the pot with decoration in the background contrasts nicely with the red of the vegetables.
The mortar and the candlestick are also very nicely displayed.

Everything is very realistic.

The art prints are contained in beautiful oak stepped frames.

Butzon & Bercker's art studios have been Germany's leading suppliers of Christian art for a 100 years and stand for quality in content and craftsmanship.
More than 80 artists - from graphic designers to goldsmiths to academic sculptors - contribute to the continuously changing collection.

With mounting bracket.

Manufacturer: Butzon & Bercker Kunstwerkst├Ątten.

Origin: Germany.

Date: 2nd half of the 20th century.

The height is 47 cm, the width is 57 cm and the depth is 4 cm.
The weight is 2.2 kg each.

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